This is just some of the projects I have been able to be part of. In most of them I was just part of a bigger group that made it possible. If you want to know more about any of them, don't hesitate to contact me.

MSR Simulator

People: Juan Sebastial León, Kamilo Melo (Advisor):
This project was my Senior year project. The objective was to build a simulation framework for KM-RoBoTa's Modular Snake Robot. This robot consist of multiple modules that made with Dynamixel Servomotors by ROBOTIS. The software was build from scratch by using Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) library, Open Scene Graph (OSG) and Qt.

DTMF Car Controller

People: Gabriel Ortíz, Alejandro Cortés:
This project was awarded with first place in public popularity and second place for best undergraduate projects. It was the final project for the Electronic Design I class. It consisted of a bluetooth controlled car using Dual Tone Multi Frequecy (DTMF). We used a cellphone connected to a bluetooth headset. The audio output of the headset was amplified and filtered at a different DTMF frequency. Finally, some digital logic would control the steering of the car.

DARTS Fault Resilience

People: Chengmo Yang, Laura Rozo:
DARTS is a runtime that implements the Codelet Model. It consists of a dataflow based execution model where parallelism is expressed as a graph with nodes as segments of code that execute when data dependencies are satisfied through the arcs of the graph. The idea was to leverage DARTS runtime to allow automatic duplication and comparison execution of tasks, providing reliability to the system.

Robot al Parque 2012

People: Juan Sebastial León, Diego Andrés Roa, Kamilo Melo:
Robot al Parque is a robotics competition organized by the RAS chapter of IEEE Colombia. The challenge chages every year, and they have different difficulties. We participated in the advanced competition. Although we did not win, we were really proud of the final result. Unfortunately we build it with some times constrains, so we don't have any documentation or design sheets. But I provide the code and some pictures of the robot.

CUDA 2D 5 points stencil

People: Tongsheng Geng, Stéphane Zuckerman, Jean-Luc Gaudiot, Guang R. Gao
As part of a bigger project that I don't mention here, I wrote an implementation of a 5 points 2D stencil application on CUDA, with some results comparing against (non-optimized) sequential execution.

Docker CPU scheduling

People: Stephen Herbein, Ayush Dusia, Yang Yang, Aaron Landwehr, Seetharami R. Seelam, Sean McDaniel, Michela Taufer
Project made for the 800 level Operating Systems class ran by Prof. Michaela Taufer. We made modifications to Docker to leverage it with an improved resource management. Docker uses Cgroups for resource management. We were in charge of the CPU resource allocation.

Posters and Others

People: Many others
This section just contains other posters and information I found usefull sharing. It contains other proejects I have worked on, or documents I have made that could be useful somehow.

Parallella Runtime

People: Stéphane Zuckerman (Coadvisor), Guang R. Gao (Advisor):
This project is still under development and will be updated soon...